There are many reasons to start a travel blog before you travel around the world, the most common of which is to create a memento of the all the stories and pictures you’ll have from either your gap year from studies, your sabbatical from work, or you’re ten year travel adventure (for the lucky few). For some, however, maintaining a blog is less about the mementos of adventures had, but rather as a place to connect with other people who too long to travel or who already are travelling around the world and want to visit your travel blog in order to find inspiration for their own travels, or to help guide you as you plan your own.

The biggest stumbling block for all bloggers big and small, whether they’re relaying stories of their travel experiences or writing a fashion, food or photography blog – is where to begin and how to get started.

With our help, we’d like to get all bloggers off the ground by providing our simple step how to guides to all areas of the blogosphere, and this week we’re going to tackle the early stage problem of How To Name Your Travel Blog.


12 Simple Steps

Every travel blog writer you’ve ever read has gone through the same question in their mind, again and again; “What do I call by blog?“, and the answers they’ve come to have either been so magnificent that their name is sinomimus with not just their travels, but who they are. Just take the internationally known American traveller Nomadic Matt for example. No matter where he travels in the world people are always approaching him by the name of his travel blog and asking him, “Are you Nomadic Matt?” rather than his actual name. How many of you actually know his real name?.

Examples like Matt just goes to show you the effect that a good travel blog name can have on you and the success of your travel blog. You never would have found him if his travel blog was called ‘The Ongoing Worldwide Adventures of Mr Kepnes, would you? Probably not.

Choosing a memorable name for your travel blog is simple, so lets begin with our 12 How To Simple Steps For Naming Your Travel Blog

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1. Follow Your Contemporaries

With thousands of travel blogs succeeding and failing every day, the few that last the longest can easily be sorted in to a Top 100 of sorts based on their ongoing success, and thankfully Nomadic Samuel puts together a Top 100 Travel Blogs List that we can browse through now and gain an understanding of their recipe for success.

Browsing through the full Top 100 you can easily start to notice a naming trend that we could certainly go deeper into, but for the moment lets focus on the current Top 25 and see if we can’t spot anything that’ll help us name our new travel blog.

Nomadic MattY Travel BlogLegal NomadsMigrationologySolo Traveler
A Luxury Travel BlogNomadic SamuelThe EverywhereistWandering TraderTravels of Adam
Everything EverywhereThe Expert VagabondTwenty Something TravelA Little AdriftBacon is Magic
The Planet DGo BackpackingTravel DudesLandLopersThe Vacation Gals
Wandering EarlAdventurous KateUncornered MarketWild JunketAlmost Fearless

There will certainly be some travel blog names in there that you’ll recognise, some you might have been following for a while and who’ve gradually been showing you the world that you too will soon be travelling for yourself.

A quick glance will show you that for the most part the travel blogs that reach the largest audience have travel mentioned in their blog, failing that, they use words that related to travel, but which conjure up stronger feelings of exploration, such as; Everywhere, Wandering, Vagabond and Adventurous. All words that can mean travel, but are perhaps more enticing than the norm to make you click the link.

Another noticeable trend is the words that describe not just the traveller and their blog, but also their audience

2. Pick Your Niche – Why This Is Important

From our Top 25 list we have blog names such as A Luxury Travel Blog, The Expert Vagabond, Go Backpacking, Solo Traveler and The Vacation Girls, each focused in one way or another on a particular part of travelling and each one read – for the most part – by their particular niche part of the travel community.

For instance, we have The Expert Vagabond who appeals to people who too considered themselves vagabonds (a person who wanders from place to place without a home or job) and wish to follow the exploits of an ‘expert‘ whilst their at their office desks or at home plotting their own vagabond adventures.

Another example is Solo Traveler who not only writes a blog about the experiences she has as a lone solo traveller, but also lots of tips and recommendations for potential travellers who are setting off on a holiday or around the world trip of their own.

What these top travel bloggers have done here is to identify not only the type of traveller they are, but also indicate to potential readers what their travel blog articles will be written about before they’ve even clicked open the site.

This is where identifying your niche will begin to help you choose your new travel blog name. Whether you’re a solo traveller, a couple travelling together or a family. Travel photography might be your thing, or perhaps you’re only travelling around South America and wish to share your travels?

Whatever your niche is, defining it now is going to take you a long way when we come to choosing the words for our audience


3. Picking the Key Words

If you’re not familiar already with the confusing world that is SEO & Keywords then don’t be frightened, just take a minute to read this Basic Travel Blogger Guide to SEO .

The main gist of the guide is that for every search you do on Google, Bing or any other search engine you’re using a few keywords that describe the information that you’re looking for. For example, if you’re looking for recommendations and ideas for your next trip to New York then you might type; ‘travel, tips, new york, sights‘ or any other number of adjective. What the best websites and travel blogs do is to take advantage of these keywords by using them in their articles which they feel will be most beneficial to the people searching for them so that their particular article will be one of the first on your search results. Simple.

What your mission is here is to identify a number of keywords that will relate to your travel blog so that your blog will appear high when it comes to the next person to search for recommendations in New York So, what you need to do here is grab a pen and some paper and start to jot down all of the words that you think relate to your website and that might be used by people when they’re searching.

But how can we personalise this?


4. Add Your Name

When people are regularly returning to travel blogs such as Nomadic Matt (who coincidentally has a fantastic How To Build A Travel Blog book that we used to build Travel Do It), Wandering Earl, Adventurous Kate and Travels of Adam, it’s not only for the fantastic tips and information that their site contains, but in part it’s also for the person themselves, either for their particular style of writing or just the affinity people find between that writer and themselves.

Adding your name to your travel blog can be a huge catalyst to pushing your travel blog to the forefront of the travel community, not forgetting the search results too. Every time people will see your name they will come to know what to expect from the articles and recommendations you make on your travel blog, and should you later on in your travelling life decide that things are going so well that you want to branch out a little to write for other travel blogs, websites and maybe even magazines; people will know exactly what they’re getting before they click the link or pick up that latest copy of National Geographic.

Do bare in mind however, that adding your name isn’t a guaranteed recipe for success so don’t just add it for the sake of it, but done well it can certainly offer a great helping hand.

So what do we do with all of these words on our pad of paper?

5. Run Them Through A Thesaurus

Don’t own one? No matter. The world is at your fingertips with the internet so it won’t take long before you find a thesaurus website that can more than meet the job of helping us to name our travel blog.

What you’re trying to do here is to look for the few words that really stand out from your list and to see if there’s something else that can add a bit of variety to the mix. Sure you could just use travel, and there’s no problem with that at all due to it’s high likelihood of being searched for, but wouldn’t something slightly more intriguing like ‘voyaging, navigating or rambling‘ sound more appealing?

Once you’re done, it’s time to start picking some favourites.


6. Pick Your Favourites

Now that you’ve come this far and there are dozens of words floating around your head it’s time to start picking some favourites that are going to become your future travel blog name.

But don’t hold back, pick as many as you like, pick two, three or five words that you think are going to find themselves forming up your future blog name. Why? Well, we’re going to put the internet to use to see just which of these words works best out in the world of keywords & SEO.

By using a search engine such this keyword comparing search on, we’re going to see who’s the champion between your last few remaining favourite words.

The results of your search are going to be a few numbers, the largest of which are the most commonly searched for on the internet, and their popularity is going to do your future travel blog wonders in the future.

Now whilst the words with the largest search results might seem the most appealing, depending on the word this can have a negative effect on your travel blog, especially when it’s a popular search term like ‘travel‘. What you really need to do here is get really clever and choose a word thats popular, but not too popular, otherwise when people search they’re going to find 100,000 search results all with the same keywords and you’re going to have to shout pretty loud to be heard.

One way you can get around this is to pick two or three words to make up your travel blog name, but be mindful that the longer the name, the less likely it is going to be remembered.

So we’re pretty much done choosing our new name, right?

7. Return To Step 3

Unfortunately, we’re not quite done yet, in fact; there’s still a few hurdles to be jumped before we’re set on your future blog name.

The best thing to do now that you have your favourites ordered into popularity is to go over them again, choosing the best words that suit you, the way you travel, and perhaps the way you write. It’s only after going over this process a few times that you’re going to be able to formulate a travel blog name that you’ll love for ever and not grow bored of, and more importantly, a name that other people will remember.

8. Choose Your Future

Again, this blog name will stick with you for the entire time that you write. It could be a year, or ten years; either way, you’re going to want to pick something long lasting that you’re not going to grow bored of and that you’ll be proud to be attached to in the future. Just ask all of those travel bloggers out there that picked bad names just how many times each day that they could change it.

Now that you’ve whittled it down to the perfect travel blog name, keep hold of two two others that really appeal to you. Don’t throw them out just yet.


9. Check Your Name

This is probably something many travel bloggers didn’t think about during the beginning of their own blogs, but once you’ve settled on a name it’s time to check and see if any other blogger out there has beaten you too it,

So you’ve chosen as your new travel blog name? Then the best thing to do is to head to a domain name registry like to type in your chosen name to see if its available to purchase.

It’s free? <>Fantastic news! But what if it’s not? Then it’s time to have a look at the other names we told you not to discard earlier.

I know that you’ll be thinking that there’s still available, so why not go with that? What you’ve got to remember is that if there are two websites or travel blogs sharing the same name, there will be a lot of confusion when it comes to everything down the line, from communication problems with people emailing the wrong blog, also, if you do intend to write for other blogs then you might just see people reading your fantastic work, but being linked to the wrong site.

So the name that is free, should you buy that now? Not yet

10. Embrace Social Media

Social Media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are possibly the most important part of building your travel blog and it’s brand. It’s where a lot of your potential future traffic is going to come from, so it’s essential that people are easily able to find even if they’re not on your website.

For instance, here at TravelDoIt we have our Twitter account name which is @traveldoit and we also have the Facebook page which makes it extremely easy for people to find us.

What you need to do is to check that your potential account name is free on these social media platforms and any other useful websites such as Tumblr and Pinterest, and the best way to do this is by using a service like

So what’s left to do?

Instagram and other Social Media Apps

11. Buy Your Travel Blog Domain

This is the final piece of the jigsaw, or at least this stage of the process of setting up your own website to host your travel blog.

What’s left to do now that you’ve finally figured out how to choose your travel blog name is to go through the relatively easy process of buying your domain name and start the building process by buying hosting for you blog.

12. Congratulate Yourself!

You’ve finally reached the end, and just by following these 12 simple how-to steps, you’ve a new travel blog name with which to take over the world and the journey that comes with it.

From now on you’ll be able to share your travel stories with not only your family and friends back home, but also with a worldwide audience of people who long to travel, are planning to travel themselves, or are already travelling and wish to help you along on your journey.

Good luck, and don’t forget to drop back here to tell us in the comments what your new travel blog name is so we can check it out for ourselves!

What’s your new travel blog name?