I’ll start with how I want to go on, by being open – I started TravelDoIt purely for money.

Now this might seem confusing to those of you who’ve only just come across this travel website and blog for the first time, but I started putting together pictures and articles for this site at the start of 2014 in the hopes of filling it with all the sponsored posts we were being offered to post on the travel blog I’ve been writing with my partner for the past two years. We were getting emails each day offering us content to post articles they’d paid other freelance writers to craft on any given travel subject, with a link to a totally unrelated website (their client), like a casino or bank.

We’d put some links into posts we’d written once or twice before, but only after we’d already crafted the content for the sake of sharing what we thought to be genuinely interesting and informative information. We never wrote bad content and posted it onto our site purely for the money we might receive. That’s just not who we wanted to be.

The reason for the creation of TravelDoIt was purely going to be for hosting the garbage we were being sent to host for stretches of up to 12 months for $40’s here, and $100 dollars there.

Rather than pass off bad content as our own, I set this site up so that I could post the content here and never have to worry about how bad the grammar was, or how boring the subject matter covered was as I wasn’t going to be here building a community of readers in which to engage with. It was purely for the money. However, there came a point several months ago where I started to develop a bad conscience about people reading the garbage I was posting here, so I deleted most of it.

I deleted everything that I deemed bad quality travel writing and kept all of the articles that I’d once had the idea of to write, but knew wouldn’t work with the audience Franca and I had come to regard as friends.

Do I regret it? Certainly not. Not even for a second. Why? Because I have bigger, better, and clearer view of what TravelDoIt should be and what it should represent.

Travel, Do It Because You Can

TravelDoIt’s sole message to me is one of inspiration. It’s way to communicate that travel is not only more accessible now than it ever has been before, but also that the accessibility is there to be seized by each and every one of us, no matter if it’s enjoying the wonderment of travel that is exploring new countries on the opposite side of the world, or exploring the immediate world around you that so many of us are barely scratching the surface of exploring – and I’m talking from experience.

Over the past two years of travelling people have asked me what I thought to the many towns and cities in the UK that people all over the world take a great effort to visit during the few days that they get away from a life of hard working each year. What I cam to realise was that there were so many people from all around the world who had seem more of the UK than I had in the entire twenty seven years I’d been living there. Even during the seven years in which Franca had been living in the country she’d taken more long weekend trips to more locations than I’d seen in three times that. It’s a sad fact, but true.

What I came to realise was that a life of travel is attainable. It’s not just for the rich or for those from countries where the freedom of travel is more relaxed, it’s for anyone with a sense of adventure and discovering something new, even it it’s only a thirty minute drive away from their own town. It really makes me wonder just how many incredible places surround the immediate radius of my old home town of Leamington Spa.

Travelling is your weekend off, it’s your annual family holiday, it’s your gap year around the world.

Travelling is seizing the opportunity to explore, no matter how big or how small.

You Can Do It, Let Me Show You How

I want to turn TravelDoIt into the exact opposite of where it is today. I want to show you that travel is not just for a select elite, but for those who are willing to reach out and grasp their dreams.

Don’t feel limited by your situation, turn your situation into your opportunity. Turn a lack of funds into an intuitiveness to get the most out of your budget, whether that’s only ever taking free walking tours or hitchhiking from one location to the next; or lack of time into a finding out the best way to make the most of the time you have with great tips from fellow travellers to maximize all of your time and energy.

Travel, Do It In 2015

My mission statement for TravelDoIt is to make one person decide to travel in 2015. It’s a low target, but if only one person decides to travel more around the town they live in or to travel the world full-time; my mission will be a success.

Maybe that one person will be you, maybe it won’t. I just hope that someone out there somewhere can finally put self-doubt behind them – just as I’ve done myself – and grasp the opportunity.

Where will you go in 2015?

PS. For those wondering, yes I will still be writing for angloitalianfollowus.com