As the summer months draw closer and the daylight lasts longer on through the night it’s only right that we all take either a break from our daily working or travelling lives and set of for the best places for guaranteed great experiences, views – and hopefully – climates too!

Together with our some of our favourite travel addicts on Google+ we’ve pulled together a list of best places to travel in June.


Covering more than 3.74 million square miles, China has so much space across it’s islands and central land mass that it’s almost impossible not to find somewhere to travel during the month of June, and should the place of your dreams be caught in a storm in it’s particular region in June then there’s always another option in any direction.

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France is one place that wins the highest accolade for sheer quantity of variation in places to spend your holidays or vacation, with ski slopes in the East, beautiful shining beaches along the South on the French Riviera and lets not forget the majestic beauty that is Paris under a setting sun.

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Flooded by the sunlight


A popular backpacker hangout over the past two decades, there’s always plenty to enjoy in Australia whether you’re a coastline fanatic, plunging into the water every 5 minutes to surf the waves or to cool down whilst underneath the constant sunlight; and if the coast isn’t the place for you, then why not travel to Australia in June to enjoy the outback by camping and hiking your way through some of Australias most magnificent scenery.

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Sailing Ship cruises in sydney


One of the happiest and best places to travel to is the forever smiling country of Brazil, where every day is a carnival and the temperature is always hot, hot, hot.

Due to it’s huge size that spans most of South America, there’s always somewhere to go that’ll have the sunlight and heat that you’re after, plus there’ll always been great scenery and culture to immerse yourself in too.

The people are probably the most crucial part to Brazil being the land of fun that you’ll have come to hear and read about across both travel shows and travel websites such as this one, and we’re fully behind that. Almost everyone you’ll meet with whilst you travel in Brazil will meet you with a smile.

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Sunset at Ipanema beach


Best visited between the rainy seasons that can spread from September through to February in certain parts of the country, Vietnam has incredible sights and scenes that – whilst they look good in pictures – are best viewed up close and personal, and preferably on holiday!

Our personal recommendation would be to fly to the south of Vietnam and to rent a scooter so that you may venture off and travel on your own to discover the countryside around Ho Chi Minh City and the secrets and smiling locals it holds.

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Sapa, Vietnam


We’re sure we won’t be the first to tell you that Budapest is the best place to travel to in Hungary regardless of what time of the year it is, but we can’t help trying to persuade you to go anyway!

It’s a fascinating city that lies on two sides of the Danube river which is covering on every square kilometer with incredible architecture and fascinating cultural highlights such as it’s shopping district, restaurants and bars.

Outside of the capital, it get’s even better, and there are an abundance of places you can travel to in June that’ll be perfect for either your adventurous spirit, or you’re immediate need to relax – and if that’s your thing, don’t miss Lake Balaton

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the Balaton


Much like France, Spain has a mixture of fantastic regions to travel to during June and the summer months that’ll have you struggling to choose between.

In the North and Northwest regions of Spain you’ll find green hills that you’d more likely consider to be Scottish rather than Spanish such is the unusual climate that makes up and shapes the rolling hills of the Basque country and beyond. To the South lies Andalusia, with it’s incredibly diverse Arabic-inspired architecture, to the East you’ll find the Catalonia, it’s fantastic people, it’s delicious food and the amazing city of Barcelona; and that’s not forgetting the incredible islands of Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca.

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United States

One of the reasons that America has become one of the most popular places to travel in the world is due to it’s diverse selection of locations for every traveller’s tastes. Whether you’re a city lover, adventure seeker or beach addict; the States has everything and more that makes it one of the best places to travel.

Not only that, if you’re short on time and aren’t able to do a big journey such as traveling across country on a road trip, you can always just drop in to one state and enjoy the best of local life and the attractions it holds.

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The Golden Gate Bridge on a sunny day


Home of one of the worlds most treasured UNESCO sites, Peru should be at the top of every travel junkies list of places to travel in their lifetime.

There are of course many cities in which you can enjoy yourself by meeting with locals and experiencing a life quite different to your own as you see people that may not have much, but live as though they have everything in the world you could ever need; but the key here in Peru is the amazing countryside and natural beauty that makes up most of it’s landmass.

Most notable of which is the Peruvian Amazon, it’s own section of the Amazon jungle that makes up to 60% of Peru’s landscape.

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La Raya 9

Where will you travel in June?

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