Whilst browsing the TravelDoIt Twitter account the other day we came across a retweet of the following tweet that really got us thinking about the way we carry water:

So, Why Not?

In America alone, 50 billion plastic water bottles were used last year, with only a small percentage of those making it to the recycling process. Now picture just how many plastic water bottles are being used worldwide, with tourists being some of the chief consumers in the sweltering hot lands in places like South America and South East Asia.

As we at TravelDoIt aim to promote responsible travelling, we asked ourselves how we can make an impact on this gross misuse of plastic, and thanks to Jaryd’s ‘Why you should never take a water bottle with you when travelling’ post on AusGlobetrotter, we have a fantastic solution. Here’s a clue:

Watering hole

Do As The Camels Do

Instead of filling the world with more and more plastic bottles, why not do as the camels do and always carry your water refreshment with you on your back?

With the use of a hydration pack you can carry water with you no matter where you are and after refreshing yourself, think of all the plastic you’re stopping becoming landfill somewhere.

Other benefits include hands free access, peace of mind in the knowledge that you know where the water came from, prevent dehydration whether you’re on holiday and walking the street of Bangkok, or hiking through the hills in Peru.


We Recommend

We’ve picked out just a small selection (below) of just a few of the various hydration packs that are available in the marketplace right now, but as time goes by, new and more interesting adjustments are being made to make them more rugged, and lightweight too.

Camelbak Classic 2Litre Hydration Pack

Lightweight, breathable and with added zipped pockets for essentials and valuables, the Camelbak Classic 2Litre Hydration Pack is one of the best hydration packs on the market. Just perfect for bike riding, trail running, or just strolling from one tourist attraction to the next

Andes 2Litre Hydration Pack

One of the best selling hydration packs in 2014, the Andes 2Litre Hydration Pack has the fantastic advantage of having not just your refreshing liquid resevoiur, but also a number of large compartments to carry your keys, phone or trail snacks. Great for cycling, hiking, or just for convenience during a day in the sun at your next festival, this is one hydration backpack that won’t disappoint.

Woodside 2Litre Hydration Pack

As these many great reviews on Amazon will attest, the Woodside 2Litre Hydration Pack performs above and beyond the call of duty, and with so many of the reviews having used it for the hard slog that is the Spartan Race, it’s hardwearing, easily adjusted and simply to use. Great price point too.

Do you use a hydration pack?

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