One question we always get asked from people looking to set up a travel blog and website of their own is; “how do find the time to write when you’re travelling so much?” and it’s a question we often ask ourselves too. How do we do it? How is there enough time in the day to travel and keep the content rolling out on our site?

You’ve got to use every spare second.

On The Train

Whether it’s a long train journey across a continent or a short trip from one city to the next and between staring out the window and avoiding the eyes of those sitting across from you; writing on the train can be a fantastic way to catch up with those articles that have been building up that you know that you want to share with the world.

Just open up your netbook or laptop, get comfortable and write.

Writing on the train

In Between Flights

Anyone on a long-haul flight across the country or even across the world will know that there are many hours to fill when you have to change flights at the world’s smallest airport.

Look for a powerpoint, pop out your laptop and onto your lap, and get writing

Writing at Moscow airport

Buy Coffee, Abuse WiFi

Sometimes you’re just going to have to make time and there’s no better way than waking up that extra 30 minutes early, grabbing your laptop bag and hitting the nearest cafe.

You don’t have to write an epic novel or write an email to everyone in your address book, but taking 30 mins to write down some of your thoughts, ideas and possible post titles for later will be a great starting point for when you do have more time.

Just order your coffee, ask politely for the WiFi password and type away

Writing at the coffee shop

Before You Leave The Hotel

Don’t have time to stop off at a local coffee shop before you head off around the nearest tourist attractions? No problem

Shower, dress and grab your laptop for 15 minutes of quick fire brainstorming and idea hoarding for later.

Writing on the hotel bed

Don’t Rush

I guess the best solution the team here at Travel Do It have found is to take travel slowly.

Some might say that the best way to travel is to travel slowly, that you have more time to see things as a local if you’re not in a rush from one city to the next; we love travelling slowly because we can spend a whole day typing on your own balcony

Writing on a shady balcony

How’d you find time to write?