Creative Commons image from Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday

Cited as Audrey Hepburn’s first major role, this classic of American cinema is filmed in and around the ancient capital of the Roman Empire, Rome, and not only does it feature a lovely story of a woman hoping to branch off on her own in the eternal city without the baggage she’s typically accustomed too, it’s also a fantastic preview on some sites which have now become unmissable due to the success of the film

Under The Tuscan Sun

Tuscany is one of Italy’s greenest and most beautiful area’s of the country, with rolling hills, vineyards, and fields of all manner of fruits and vegetables; it’s no wonder that we want to encourage you to see this fantastic film set in the region.

Staring Diane Lane, this film follows the ups, downs, and up’s again of a recently divorced woman who – encouraged by a friend – takes a trip to Tuscany and begins to see herself fall in love with buildings, the scenery – and the people.

La Dolce Vita

Winner of the presitious Palme d’Or, La Dolce Vita is another widely popular film set in the capital that has led to hundreds of thousands of people to take a trip to the city in order to see the set of one of the films most memorable scenes, whilst also being one of Rome’s most stunning art pieces – Fontana di Treviwhich is especially beautiful at night

Eat, Pray, Love

Adapted from the 2006 best-selling book, Eat, Pray, Love follows the story of the author Elizabeth Gilbert and her time travelling around the world, stopping in Italy, India and Indonesia along the way.

One such stop in Italy made an appearance in the film (amongst many other Italian locations, of course), and that was the eighty year old pizza restaurant called L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele. A fantastic place selling simple and delicious pizza’s that Amy of Getting Away With Travel was left speechless describing.

The Tourist

Though not entirely loved by the film community, The Tourist is one of the most beautiful cinematic experiences that you’ll ever see of the wonderful ‘City of Canals‘ and it’s many tourist attractions.

Cinema Paradiso

Set in a sleepy Sicilian town, Cinema Paradiso is a wonderful look into a classic and traditional location that – like so many parts of the country – have barely aged over the years.

If you’re looking for a great, heartwarming and lightly comedic view in to island life, you must watch this film.

Il Postino

Another sleepy Italian island setting, we at team TravelDoIt are utterly in love with this film and may have to watch it tonight such is the lovely story and even lovelier setting for this tale of a simple postman who comes in to the briefest of contacts with a famous Chilean poet.

The Talented Mr Ripley

Directed by the late great Anthony Minghella, The Talented Mr Ripley is a wondrous take on a famous collection of novels take place place across the whole of Europe. In this particular book adaption, the setting starts along the coast of Italy and later in the film moves across the country as the story unfolds.

The imagery of 1950’s Italy is not to be missed and as you’ll see from travelling there yourself, not much has changed in the decades that have followed.

Life Is Beautiful

Don’t watch without tissues.

This Academy Award winning film is one one that will pull your heart in a whole number of directions, through comedy, and through tragic true-to-life drama; it’s a film that you’ll want to watch again and again, for the insight into early 20th century life and how those who lived (and died) during the time of Mussolini and the fascist government of the Second World War.

If there is only one film that you watch from this collection, TravelDoIt recommends that this is it.

Diciotto Anni Dopo

The father of brothers Mirko and Genziano passes away and, following his last wish, his ashes must be driven across the Italy in order to buried next to the resting place of their mother in the South-Western coastal town of Scilla in the area of Calabria and the straits of Messina.

A road trip story like no other, the film follows the two brothers as they wind their way around the Calabrian coastline in an old, yet restored, Morgan sports car. Unmissable.

Which other films would you recommend?